Our Story. Thank you mom. 

We all aspire to be a badass, but it is often hard to get there with life’s other priorities like family, friendships, and careers. However with enough time, effort, and help we can all be that badass we know we are. That's where thrively.io comes in. 


Thrively.io began with brothers Adolfo and Hugo wanting to help their mom Yolanda be that badass they knew she was. Their best guess at how to do so was to take care of little tasks to give her back some time so she could spend her effort on the big things that matter to her like changing careers and relocating. The little tasks varied from finding local computer classes, finding a new car, to scheduling doctors appointments. After some trial and error they realized they were on to something that others like their mom could benefit from. So they put a plan together got started. 


Thrively.io was built to empower independent women to live independently and thrive together.