A management app for

A Complete workflow management tool for agencies and consultancies
to manage sales leads, invoices and receivables.


Follow your client’s journey

You’ll be able to manage your client’s journey all the way from getting them as a lead, to closing the sale, delivering the project & getting paid. This helps save a lot of time & money. You won’t have to switch from application to application for every single process.  

Centralized Reporting

Understand your businesses’ on-going projects, projected revenue and get an entire bird’s eye view every time you login. Thrively let’s you focus on growing your business, rather than worrying about processes.


Simple and Affordable pricing

Your Software costs can add-up when you have multiple people using a platform.
We’ll make sure what we deliver is affordable.
We don’t lock features or User numbers for you to be able to get your work done.

We pride ourselves on pricing our products reasonably.We want to work with everyone;
Small Businesses, Startups and even large agencies with 100s of employees.

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Our customers love us!

Mangala Karunaratne
Co-Founder/CEO Calcey Technologies

Thrively let us reduce workload, we were using a bunch SaaS products before and were paying money for features we don't need. Thrively fixes that problem completely!

Bhanuka Harischandra
Founder/CEO -

We've been using Thrively ever since we had issues with our processes, we migrated from our existing CRM to Thrively a few months back. Just love the fact that you can follow up on the same system! (I no longer check trello every 5 seconds)